You're not thinking of doing anything silly are you?

I’m always thinking of doing something stupid but what is there to even do

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okay... love you ^u^ *boops your nose*

Lov u 2

do you want to talk about anything? I can talk via fanmail or off anon if you like.

There’s not much to talk about I’m just a bipolar little shit

hey sweetie what happened?

Idk just had a bad mood swing I guess


when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u


What's wrong

I feel like I’m gonna vomit and I want to cry but I cant

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What are you talking about? You're not ugly! You're super cute. You have really pretty eyes and I love your hair. Also, Julie is one of my favorite names ^_^ it's time you use your godess level beauty to slay those who are beneath you in the most badass of clothing as sparkles and flower petals shower you from above. Slay girl, slay!

Aww thank you